COVID-19 og flere måneder med slutlån


Er du løbet tør for SU eller slutlån, kan du måske være berettiget til flere måneder med slutlån i forbindelse med COVID-19.

Det er nu muligt at søge de ekstra måneders slutlån.

Du kan læse mere på siden COVID-19 og SU under punktet COVID-19 og udvidet mulighed for flere måneder med slutlån.


The Danish Parliament has on 30rd April 2020 decided to provide an economical helping hand for students on higher and private educations that are approved for SU, who have received at least one month of SU during their current education (SU and completion loan), and who have used either all of their completion loan rates or their SU clips but have not yet obtained the right for completion loan in the period between March and June 2020. These students have the opportunity to take out up to 4 months of completion loan. The 4 months of completion loan can be paid regardless of however long time the student has left of his/her current education.

You can read more about how to apply for this completion loan on the page COVID-19 og SU (in danish).