SU and Taxes

You have to pay tax when you receive SU. The tax is automatically taken from your payment every month.

Tax cards

When you start receiving SU, the Danish Tax Administration are notified automatically and will then generate a primary and secondary tax card for you. They also decide the percentage of your income that you must pay in tax. Your primary tax (hovedkort) card is used for your primary income, for example SU. You can use your secondary tax card (bikort) for any other income. 

It is your responsibility to make sure that you pay enough tax and that your primary and secondary tax card are used as you wish. If you wish to use your secondary tax card for your SU, you should let us know via minSU. 

If you stop receiving SU or if you work while receiving SU, you should always change your preliminary income assessment.

Maximum income from a student job

When a year is over, we will check any private income you may have had beside your SU. If you have earned more than a set amount (fribeløb), you will have to return some of your SU and SU loans.
Read more about the rules regarding employment and private earnings (in danish).

You can read more about tax and get help at The Danish Tax Agency’s website or call them on 72 22 18 18.

You can also visit your local Citizen Service or ICS: international Citizen Service