State Education Loan

You can apply for and receive a State Education Loan while you are studying

If for instance your State Educational Grant (‘SU’) and income from a spare time job are not sufficient to cover your expenses, you have the opportunity to borrow money through the State Education loan in the months where you are receiving SU.

There are interest rates on your loan from the moment you start borrowing until the loan has been fully repaid and you have to pay off your debt in the years following the completion of your study programme.

The consequences of taking on a State Education Loan

Interest rates on the loan

Applying for the State Education Loan on minSU

When applying for the State Education Loan, you have to go through two steps:

  1. First you apply for the loan on minSU
  2. When you have received a message on your e-Boks stating that you have been granted the loan, you then fill out and approve your loan plan (låneplan) on minSU

Completion loan

If you are taking a higher education programme and have used up all your study grant portions, you can get a completion loan (slutlån). You can receive a completion loan in the last year of your studies. Interest is paid on the completion loan and it is paid back on the same terms as the regular State Loan. You can receive a completion loan for a maximum of 12 months or 24 months.

Paying back to Udbetaling Danmark

When you have completed your education, you have to pay back the State Education Loan to the institution called Udbetaling Danmark. You should be aware that there would be interest rates on your loan from the moment you start borrowing until you have paid off your loan entirely.

You can find more information regarding how to pay off your loan to Udbetaling Danmark, Studiegæld (student debt) on